Featured Item: cut the BAD keep the GOOD T-shirt & Sweatpants

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Pictured: Yerea Vargas 

Launched as part of our Fall 2023 Collection, the "Cut the Bad, Keep the Good" T-shirt & Sweatpants are the perfect pair that'll keep you stylish & comfy.

Design: Bold and straightforward, the T-shirt features the distinctive "cut the BAD, keep the GOOD" puff print. 

Features: Crafted for durability and comfort, this heavy weight premium T-shirt is a staple for any wardrobe. Its straightforward style is enhanced by the quality of the print, ensuring it stands out as more than just casual wear.

Fit: Tailored to have a heavy weight feel, it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and a flattering look. The fit is designed to be versatile, suitable for both active days and relaxed settings.

Color: The T-shirt comes in an elegant black, making it easy to coordinate with any outfit.

Material: Made from 100% cotton.


Design: Matching the T-shirt, these sweatpants feature the same "cut the BAD, keep the GOOD" puff print with an embroidered cleaver.

Features: The pants are equipped with a 3-string signature waistband in colors that complement the design—Midnight Grey, Black, and Sand. The signature cleaver zipper pockets add both style and functionality.

Fit: Designed with a cinch bottom for a snug fit and an oversized feel that ensures comfort without sacrificing style.

Color: Available in Midnight Grey to perfectly match the T-shirt.

Material: Made from 100% cotton.

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