Twin Cities Pro Am: Week 3 Recap

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Week 3 of regular season down. 1 more week of regular season, then it's playoffs time! After losing 2 straight and falling to a 3-2 record, team Lamb Chops bounced back and won 2 tough ones against Slice Minneapolis and Team Tyus. Team Lamb Chops ends the regular season with games at 5:45pm on Tuesday & Thursday. We will be hosting a Lamb Chops pop up shop on Tuesday during both games! Come by for deals on shorts, tees, chains, hats, and more.
Photos & Videos By: @Thatasianpete @Tommyawilliams & @Jnglert

Game 6 vs. Slice Minneapolis

Lamb Chops 98 - Slice Minneapolis 75
 MVP: Quinton Hooker - 19 Points
Game 6 against Slice Minneapolis was another defensive battle! Baskets were hard to come by all game. In the end, team Lamb Chops pulled away for a 23 point victory.

Game 7 vs. Team Tyus

Lamb Chops 116 - Team Tyus 115 
 MVP: Geno Crandall - 26 Points & Game Winner
Game 7 was by far the most fun and competitive game of the season, so far. Team Tyus paired up with special guest, Dallas Maverics' Tyrell Terry. Team Lamb Chops got off to a hot start, powered by Eric Coleman and led the game by 20 or so for the majority of the first 3 quarters, followed by a HUGE Team Tyus 2nd half run, led by Anthony Tucker. Team Tyus took a 115-111 lead, with a 116 target score, but a big 3 from Will Morten and an elbow jumper from Geno Crandall finished the game off. 







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